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Apparently, I needed to specify pcm_s16le as the audio codec. Other files (not in the snippet from the question) where using aac, .wmv required me to specify otherwise.


There are two FFmpeg frontends that I have used quite a bit for batch video conversion: WinFF XMedia Recode They are both for Windows, but I know there are more free FFmpeg frontends out there for other platforms. QWinFF is for Windows & Linux, but I think development has ceased.


The reason there is no widely used uncompressed video format, as there is for audio is that the data rate for uncompressed video is so colossal that uncompressed video is kinda useless. While a relatively cheap device has been able to deal with a stream of PCM audio since the eighties, even today you need fast storage and a decent system to play a stream of ...


This topic is really complex and you have confused some things. WAV and mp4 are container formats, they can contain compressed or uncompressed data, while WMV is a series of codecs and formats. TXT is not a something like a RAW format - far from it. A txt file is stored as binary data. So if I programmatically open a Streamreader I will get a byte array ...

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