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First use the trial to test if it runs well on your system. It's the same version as the full version. If you start After Effects it will ask if you want to start the trial now (unless they changed the procedure since the last time I looked). Adobe has this cloud apps overview tool that let's you install and update apps. Here you could also choose to install ...


Most quality editing (Adobe Premier, Final Cut, etc.) will allow you to do this pretty easily with both text and images using "keyframing". You can make them scroll, zoom in, or whatever other movement you need. There's tons of videos on how to do this on Youtube, but here's one for Adobe Premier:


You can do this by selecting every layer except the solid (your letterbox) and precomping it. Then, you can switch into your precomp and do as much zooming as you like. If you then render the composition with your precomp plus the solid layer on top, your solid will be unaffected by the keyframing going on inside the precomp.


I found this helpful tutorial on basic compositing: With this I was able to easily do additive compositing with a mask and I can easily adjust the position, opacity, etc. I wanted a white glow, and as luck would have it the video was filmed in front of a white brick wall. It works great now.

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