Audio drift can have a couple of causes, dropped frames (which a TBC can help with), and unstable clocks, where the audio isn't recorded at quite the precise rate it should be, causing drift, as Michael correctly pointed out. Dropped frames caused by tape dropouts are a problem if the device skips a frame, without skipping the corresponding frame of audio. A ...


No, a TBC won't solve an audio-video sync problem. Most likely the sync problem is coming from a shortcut in the capture device or driver that samples the audio and video with separate and/or unstable clocks. A TBC built into a "prosumer" VTR like the one in your link will give you slightly better video quality. So would using the S-Video out ...


Here is an interesting article that goes into detail on how to recognize an upscale, specifically for anime: https://ultimatemegax.wordpress.com/2015/04/24/photography-and-resolution-of-anime/

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