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You can change the preview scale using the numbers below the transport controls. When fusion clips come in from Resolve, Resolve determines the in and out points, based on where the clip sits in your timeline. So changing the numbers to match a tutorial you’re following is probably not a good idea unless you’re using identical media, and have identical ...


If you want to move the two things together, use a transform node after they’ve been merged.


The two white squares to the right of the clip name in your image - those will close the curve and keyframe viewers, respectively.


I've tried running DaVinci Resolve 17 on my ThinkPad X1C with Mesa Intel UHD Graphics 620, and it complained about the GPU configuration. After unchecking the checkboxes to use some "auto" GPU, it complained about having to set some media location. After setting that, it exited silently. Turned out that choosing a media location made it exit ...

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