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How do I avoid noise when speaker is further away?

All analogue electronics generates some level of noise, and digital recordings also introduce a small amount of dither noise in order to accurately record signals. When you record sound from a ...
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What does the tag "-tag:v hvc1" means?

The FFMpeg document gave the idea of using the tag option with a FourCC code, and H.265/HEVC Video Encoding Guide gave the idea of Final Cut and Apple stuff compatibility. The hvc1 is defined to ...
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Image sequence format for working with Blender and Apple Compressor

OpenEXR should be your friend. Targa doesn't support hi bit depth, and only supports run-length compression encoding. TIFF supports run-length and DEFLATE compression encoding, but that's no ...
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How do I avoid noise when speaker is further away?

It's easy to forget that like sound quality, electronics vary wildly in the amount of self-noise they produce. In most recording situations, this doesn't end up being a significant problem because we'...
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How can I easily shrink over-large MP4s where high quality is not relevant?

I'd recommend a simple GUI app, such as Smart Converter [can't remember if it's free or paid, App Store won't tell you once you own it] or Handbrake (freeware) which is a lot like ffmpeg, but without ...
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Suitable alternative to Quicktime RLE for alpha-containing non-cartoon videos?

ProRes 4444 is the go-to for compressed encoding if you want alpha, and you’re doing the encoding on a Mac. It’s not exactly lightweight in terms of file size, but it’s optimized for playback on Mac ...
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