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3D object from CINEMA4D has glowing edge in After Effect

Have a look at how AE is interpreting the footage (right-click it in the project and look for Interpret Footage>Main). Specifically look at how it is interpreting the alpha channel, it could be ...
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Any tips for compositing liquid materials over live action footage backgrounds - C4D & After Effects

Capture a spherical high-dynamic range image on set from the location where the liquid will appear. You can use either a mirror ball, 360ยบ camera, or stitch together a panorama from multiple images. ...
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I can't use more than one color in the same material in C4D

Moved from C4D a while back but It could be something to do with UV projection being set to a surface that isn't there. Another reason for this could be flipped normals (in this case you would have ...
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