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DVD or Bluray editing tool

I regularly use Sony DVD Architect for building complex DVD (as well as simple, it's quite intuitive) like commercials ones. DVD Architect is compatible with Blu-Ray, but doesn't include advanced ...
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How to crop just 2 pixels without re-encoding (H264 video)?

You can use the h264_metadata bitstream filter. ffmpeg -i in -c copy -bsf:v h264_metadata=crop_top=140 out
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Why aren't chapters being added to my m2ts using tsmuxer?

M2TS as a format / container is not able to store chapter information itself. On Blu-Ray disks, the chapter data is stored in the playlist files. Therefore you won't see chapters when you just load an ...
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4k upscaled Blu-Ray vs 4k upscaling on a TV

It really depends on the methods of upscaling in both cases, but your TV upscales "on the fly" for each moment, which is meant to be fast while compromising on quality. One would imagine a studio ...
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Can a low-bitrate BluRay video be written to DVD-R to be played by BD-players?

Yes. Almost all Bluray players will play a UDF v2.5 with a movie on it, even if the physical media is a DVD. Something to keep in mind is that you can also encode in 720p, which is still much better ...
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