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I have the same issue, the reason is that your graphic card is not supported with the 2020 version of Premiere Pro. I have the exact same graphic card. Check the Recommended graphics cards from Premiere Pro system requirements.


You can use the Project panel search box to find your specific markers, and even save your search as a Search Bin by clicking the folder icon with the magnifying glass. You can then search within each matching clip for the specific marker by first selecting that clip in the Project panel, then using the search in the Markers panel which you can open by ...


A possible workaround would be to use the Venetian Blinds filter. Here with a bit of experimentation I've made a path with a stroke of 20 and for the blind effect I have doubled the width to 40. The Transition Completion value is set to 50% so that half of the effect is achieved. You might want to play around with the settings if you want longer dashes or ...

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