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Audio Recording is the process of capturing audio signals for the purpose of archiving, manipulation, or reproduction.

2 votes

how to detect empty wav files

If the files have no content then it's enough to key on size. A totally "empty" WAV file will have just a header and will almost certainly be less than 200 bytes. So it's probably enough to delete any …
  • 4,674
1 vote

Are the voice and background tracks merged together when filming hollwood movies?

To answer only the first part, film sound is often split into three parts: music, effects, and dialog. This allows dialog to be replaced for dubbing. This isn't a hard-and-fast rule but it's the gener …
  • 4,674
1 vote

audio recording and video editing software

I don't know Pitivi but in general it's not hard to do what you need, just sometimes a little time consuming. Use a digital audio recorder that can record 48K at 16 bits at a solid fixed rate. In thi …
  • 4,674