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Need to locate documentation of FCPX XML ver 1.9

I have found a description of version 1.8 of the FCPX XML. It is not globally searchable - only section by section and is not for the latest version. I have an XML file recently emitted from FCPX and ...
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I am having problems using xml list in transporting timelines from Adobe Premiere to the DaVinci Resolve

If I use XML list to transport a timeline from Premiere to REsolve, I find strange results. I have a shot that I cannot transport without it arriving to Resolve 33 frames shorter on the start (the ...
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How can I convert the caption file format (.xml to .vtt)?

I'm looking for your help and suggestion how to get started with CC conversion from .xml to .vtt. We are having lots of flash files where we have xml to vtt during a project migration. I tried with ...
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Importing XML into Premiere Pro - numbered stills / image sequence

I'm trying to make life a bit easier by generating an XML file to quickly import a number of image sequences into a Premiere Pro project (PPro 2017.0.2 in case it matters). It almost works - but when ...
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Premiere .prproj file ticks drift by 1/1000 compared to timecodes

I am a programmer and am processing Adobe Premiere .prproj files. I read the contained XML data to figure out where a <Media> element's video file starts. I have a video that's been recorded ...
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Resolve (Correct/Grade) > XML > FCPX

Can an XML exported from Resolve contain corrections/grading decisions (made in Resolve) that FCPX can apply to the a single large ProRes file, or does a new ProRes large file need to rendered from ...
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