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What is a good wireless solution for video monitoring for BlackMagic Design Cinema Cameras?

We are looking for a video monitoring solution that is portable and used with the BlackMagic Design Camera. I found a link with devices that look great.
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What should I consider when selecting a frequency band for wireless microphones?

I'm in the market for a wireless lavalier. I was burned in the past by selecting a cheap VHF frequency mic. I learned later that was a bonehead move because VHF is used for everything from TVs to ...
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Telex and Mumble

I am trying to make a Telex MP 2002 interact with a Mumble client for a homegrown production intercom. However, when everything is hooked up, whenever something plays on the computer, it is instantly ...
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ONVIF IP-camera Europe

I am looking for an IP-camera model that is cheap, I can order from Europe and most importantly supports the ONVIF standard. The quality of the camera does not matter as it will be used for motion ...
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