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Why does removing an audio track in Handbrake reduce volume?

I am transcoding a couple of blu-ray videos using Handbrake (v1.2.2). I play the resulting MKV containers mainly using Video LAN Client (VLC). Often a blu-ray has several audiotracks that are ...
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Volume Problems After Render (DaVinci Resolve)

In Resolve, my audio is mixed exactly how I want it. However, when I render the video out and play it back on other devices, certain pieces of audio are bizarrely off in terms of volume. Example image:...
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How do I calculate the adjustment to a target dbFS? What's the formula?

For example, my peak volume is -4dB, but I want to increase it to -1dB (as per youtube recommendation). In the mixer master volume, which increase should I set? +3dB does not produce a -1dB peak. ...
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