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Camcorder Tape Capture

So, I want to capture from my analogue camcorder tapes using the RGB and from my digital camcorder using the mini-dv output so it never leaves the digital domain. I recently bought a device that seems ...
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How do I import minidv video to windows?

I've connected my camcorder to the pc via firewall,driver was also installed but when I plug in and out nothing happen. (Except the sound). Do i need any software?
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beginning of old VHS tape unreachable

I was recently given a 27-year-old VHS tape to transfer. While I'm happy that most of the tape is transferring smoothly (right now), the beginning of the tape is inaccessible. The player's auto-...
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How to play/back-up PAL/SECAM VHS tapes?

I have a few old VHS tapes that are in PAL/SECAM format, and I live in Canada. I was wondering what would be the best way to back-up/play these tapes? Hunt for a PAL/Secam VHS player? (Could be ...
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