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Where to find alternative audio tracks for TV series

How can I add several audio tracks with different translations to a series, as film sites do in some series with 10 translations, where can I find them?
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Why is my video that worked fine previously glitching now?

Recently I revisited my old kickstarter project, just to find that the video produced heavy glitches, as shown in the picture below. These were (and are) not there in the original .mp4, and only ...
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Is there a video player that allows to reproduce one audio track through left channel and the other through right one?

I hope this is the right place... I normally use MPC-BE and MPC-HC (which has quite audio processing options including a custom channel mapping, although it doesn't seem to go that far with tracks), ...
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Best and easiest way to delete a layer by a specific time in the After Effects timeline

I use Adobe After Effects (Last version) for video editing I created a composition with a video, shape and null Object. So far everything work well. Now I want to hide the layer from a certain point ...
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Is there a player that allows copying currently shown susbtitles to the clipboard? [closed]

I'm on Windows 7 and have video files with external or built-in (not hard-coded) subtitles. When watching the videos, I'd like to be able to somehow copy the currently shown text to the clipboard. Do ...
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Play two soundtracks, from an "mkv" movie, on two different devices [closed]

I have "mkv" movies with two soundtracks, one English and one French. I'd like to play the video and the French soundtrack on my TV and the English soundtrack on my bluetooth earphones. Is there a ...
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Video player that can quickly refresh videos and supports many formats

I am new to making videos, and I've started making a video animation library for Node JS. Basically, I have an output video which I update really often, and I need a player to quickly watch the video. ...
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Movie quality after zooming in

My laptop screen is 1366x768p (WXGA, 16:9). If the player (potplayer) zooms in on a 1080p movie (which shows upper and lower black bars) up to 125%, what effetive quality does the movie end up being?
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Need good free HTML5 video player for integrating video ads and Vimeo videos

We're trying to implement ads on our video platform. Could you recommend a reliable HTML5 video player that works with Vimeo, compatible with the VAST standards? I've already tried video.js and ...
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How to easily extract start/end times of several clips within a video?

I very often get videos from which I need to extract about 1 to 5 clips. Currently I watch those videos in VLC and take note of the start/end times that each of the clips span. I feed that into ...
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Show current frame or display timecode (frames) on MPC-HC?

Does anybody know if this is possible? I know how to encode timecode display using ffmpeg but I would like to avoid this step and find a way in MPC (currently my favorite video player). CTRL+J doesn't ...
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Video player with motion blur or frame averaging

I here would be a good place to ask, I apologize if Im mistaken. I am looking for a video player that can add motion blur to videos or that can insert an average frame in between two frames. The ...
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project 3 separate videos synchronized

For an art installation I need to set up a synchronized projection of 3 separate videos: hardware 1 PC with Windows 7 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 with 4 simultaneous outputs 3 projectors 1920 x 1080 (I ...
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Is there an online video server that can show paneable extremely large videos?

I want to turn a set of high-resolution satellite images of the Earth (10,000x10,000 pixels) into a time-lapse video. But instead of downsizing the images, I would like that people could zoom into ...
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What player do you use?

After my experience with FFmpeg created content: different player, different results. So what player do you use to look at you footage? Does someone know a player where you can check current frame ...
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Viewer for DNxHR HQX files

I'm using Avid DNxHR HQX as an intermediate codec to go from Resolve to Premiere, but I can't find a viewer that will play it. MPC-HC, MPC-BE, MPDN, Windows Media Player even the dreaded quicktime ...
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