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For questions directly involving the Video Home System (VHS) standard.

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Why is my 480p Handbrake conversion of NTSC home video DVD much larger file size than the DVD?

I'm not super experienced with video production but I understand the technical basics of resolutions, frame rates, compression types, etc. I have an NTSC DVD containing a long (3h) home movie shot on ...
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Name of old VHS content blocker device

I am not sure if this is the right network to ask this question but it's the closest I could find. An acquaintance of mine told me that, when he was a kid, they had some kind of content blocking ...
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Before I throw away these massive uncompressed VHS digitizations, what kind of post processing can I do to improve them?

An uncompressed digitized VHS tape is like 60 gigs. Obviously way too big. I can compress it down using H.265 and get basically the same quality. But before I do that, is there any production ...
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Remove vertical jumps from captured VHS video

I was watching the following video on youtube, and as you can see, the whole frame just jumps up for single frames at random intervals, always to the same height. It seems to me that this would be ...
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Is a TBC required for converting VHS home videos to digital format?

This is a follow-up question to this one. The DigitalFAQ forum, whose members seem to know a lot about this particular topic, say about TBCs: You must have some form of TBC, it's not optional. You ...
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Compensate or fix VHS artefacts in areas of high contrast

Take a look at the man in a tuxedo. To the right of the black leg, there is a bright vertical line. Is there some kind of filter in something like VirtualDub or Vapoursynth which could improve this ...
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Testing if VCR supports S-Video by image comparison. Is it correct?

When I capture a video from my VCR (a Sharp VC-M401SM) with an S-Video cable connected to a SCART adaptor (like the one shown in this post) I obtain a gray-scale image. One possibility for this is ...
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poor quality video VHS camcorder: is there a fix?

I recently rescued an old Panasonic M40 VHS camcorder. All the electronics work absolutely fine. I bought a pack of VHS tapes and did a quick video test. The video quality is very bad with wobbly ...
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What timing settings in VirtualDub should be used for VHS capture via EasyCap?

I want to digitize my VHS (PAL) home video tapes using an old video cassette player and EasyCap. Here is the photo of my EasyCap chips for reference: After several days of reading how to perform ...
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Converting/filtering/deinterlacing VHS captures on Linux

I'm pretty much a novice video editor especially on Linux. I'm looking to take a bunch of old home videos I captured using ffmpeg and clean them up as painlessly/automatically as possible. At this ...
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vhs to digital conversion flickers only when captured

I have a Diamond One Touch Video Capture. When I view the video on my computer is is great, but when I select capture, the video and audio flicker. These are old home videos. I tried a commercial ...
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