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Auto detect and auto pan to ball in video

I'd like to set up a 4K video camera in the corner of a soccer field and just let it record. Afterwards I'd like to use a video editor to zoom into a smaller (1080) area where the ball is and auto pan ...
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Keying + Tracking onto Tablet/Smartphone with Green Screen Display in Adobe Premiere or After Effects

I shot a commercial and in the commercial we have people holding an ipad or iphone and the screen of the devices were green like the pics below. Now I have to overlay some UI/UX from apps and web ...
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What are these black tapes in green screening?

In some 'making of' green screening videos, I saw these black tapes on the actors. What are these for?
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After Effects: Apply motion tracking to a scaled layer

After effects 10.5 (CS 5.5) I have two clips a layer with a smoke wisp curling up, much bigger than it will appear a layer with some slightly shaky footage of a broken machine just sitting there I ...
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After Effect: Create Stroke from Motion Track Path

In After Effect, I tracked a moving object in my Video with the Motion Tracker. There I got Keyframes, which I want to use. Now, I would like to show the path of my object in the Video. I thought to ...
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Zooming in on one layer in After Effects

I desperately need step by step instructions on how to zoom into the child sitting in the window. This composition is an animation, I have a bunch of layers but I specifically want to zoom into the ...
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Can I move an imported camera track in Maya without manually changing 500+ keyframes?

I have a match-moved camera track from Nuke but it's in the wrong place in my scene/environment, is it possible to select the camera's track and manipulate it without having to manually edit the 501 ...
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How to mask everything except eyes?

I have a video containing a single person facing the camera. I would like to black-out everything in this video except for a small rectangular box around the person's eyes. I'm sure there are many ...
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What kind of camera do I need to record a moving object in order to do motion tracking?

I have a few markers that I use to make augmented reality pictures for DIY projects. It's working fine when the camera is fixed. Now I would like to use them on a moving object to do basic motion ...
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Is it possible to set more than one motion tracking point in After Affects CS6 at the same time

Is it possible to set more than one motion tracking point in After Affects CS6 at the same time in the same scene? For example one track point closer to our viewpoint, and another one that follows ...
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Motion and shape tracking in After Effects CS5.5

My footage consists of someone with black sunglasses moving his head tilting slowly back and forth. The glass of the sunglasses is visible in the footage. In the beginning the head is tilted back, the ...
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How to handle extreme dynamic range in a vocalist? [closed]

Just finished a tracking session with a singer who has a huge dynamic range. This musician is otherwise very professional, and is a joy to have in the studio, and I'm not in any way criticizing her. ...
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