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Setting timecode in Premiere Pro by using file creation date of clips

I have filmed a small rock concert with 4 cameras. One of the cameras was filming short sequences (about 3 mins Clips), then paused for a few minutes and than resumed. Now it is quite a lot of work ...
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Adding a sport watch timer

I'm looking for a way to display a timer to measure things happening during the movie, a swimming event for example. Can I add a timer that will start once the race is started and displaying in MM:...
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Time code audio tracks in NLE?

How do you generate audio time code (LTC) tracks, if your platform doesn't offer them natively? Some editing platforms can generate auxiliary LTC tracks, but many don't. Audible time code may not be ...
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Why is my Time Ruler in After Effects displaying seconds like this?

I know that Cmd clicking on the time stamp in the left corner alternates between frames and seconds, but why are my seconds displayed like this? every other screen of the app I've seen with other ...
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Is it possible in FFMPEG to change scale over time?

Ok, so using the overlay filter, one can change the x/y location of a video over time by using the "t" variable. For example, overlay=x='if(gte(t,2), -w+(t-2)*20, NAN)':y=0 can be used to ...
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Record VGA/DVI with timecode

I'd like to record presentations and lectures and then edit them after the fact. I'll use one or more camera feeds and a timecode source (either a camcorder or external source). To record the screen, ...
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Why does all timecode start at 1 hour? (01:00:00:00)

Is there a reason timecode in Final Cut 7 and timecode in Pro Tools starts at the 1 hour mark? eg. 01:00:00:00? As opposed to all zeros? Some old broadcast standard that I don't know about?
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Resolving timecode errors when capturing in FCP from MiniDV tape deck

I'm having an issue capturing video on our Final Cut Pro (version 6.0.6) edit system when pulling in video from our MiniDV tape deck (via Firewire, linked via an Ethernet "extender"). We seem to get a ...
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Adding a time stamp to a video

Anyone know of a program that will add a visible date and time stamp to a video file? Preferably, I can just put in the start time of the video and it will just keep incrementing the time as the video ...
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Checking duration of a marker-created subclip in Final Cut?

I just went through a long video clip in Final Cut 7, adding a marker as the speaker went into the next bullet point of his talk. I'm supposed to convert the clip into video podcasts less than 10 ...
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Fix timecode in merged vobs

I use mpeg streamclip to fix the timecodes in merged vobs. I would like a command line utility that does this without having to recode if possible.
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5 answers

Fastest way to add a timestamp to a video

Is there any script or application that would add a timestamp to a video (avi or mov)? Does for example mencoder support this function ? I'm using it to join avi files together. I would be happy for ...
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Decoding and Using VITC?

Can any one give me more explanation on VITC? I need to identify the VITC code presented in the VBI signal. How does it's format work? how does one extract it? How are VITC embedded in a video signal? ...
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Hardware/workflow for HD multicam shooting on a budget

I'm interested in doing some multicam shooting of my band's gigs. (This is a personal, not commercial, motivation, so my constraints include budget and cargo space — i.e., minimal equipment bulk. ...
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Reading material for technical aspects of timecode and alignment

I'm a sound engineer with extensive live and recorded experience. My electronics and acoustics are pretty strong IMO but I've never had any extensive interaction with video/film production and post ...
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Negative SMPTE timecode drop-frame handling?

How are negative timecodes handled with drop-frame: Is the frame before -00:00:59:29 labelled -00:00:01:02 (symmetric), or Is the frame after -00:01:00:01 labelled -00:00:59:28 (regular)? Thanks.
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