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batch generate thumbnails

I am looking for a way to batch generate thumbnails contact-sheets with ffmpeg. A single line bash command line will do but a script is also okay. This a example. -The dimensions of the jpg must be ...
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Is it possible to embed a thumbnail in a .mkv file?

I am trying to embed a thumbnail in a .mkv file with h265 video encoding using ffmpeg from the Linux command line. I am able to embed thumbnails in h264-encoded .mp4 files using the following command: ...
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FFmpeg embed thumbnail Windows

I have seen commands like this online: ffmpeg -i video.mp4 -i image.png -map 1 -map 0 -c copy \ -disposition:0 attached_pic out.mp4 However these command don't work as advertised with Windows ...
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Generating thumbnail from only the first megabytes of a video file

I want to create one thumbnail consisting of the first frame of a video for arbitrary video files. I do it like this: ffmpeg -i video.mkv -vf scale=w=300:h=300:force_original_aspect_ratio=decrease -...
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Capturing and tiling video thumbnails in a single step

I have a server software that generates video thumbnails using ffmpeg in two steps like this: Step 1 -ss 00:00:19.7500417 -i "S:\vids\main.mp4" -ss 00:00:39.5000834 -i "S:\vids\main.mp4" -ss 00:00:...
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Netflix preview video production

Netflix auto-plays a 20s, 30s video preview in the background if a video is selected or we hover the mouse pointer on them. I was trying to play with them, but couldn't understand how this preview "...
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ffmpeg : Copy all the streams (including cover art) except the first video stream from one MP4 file to another

I want to copy all the streams (including cover art) except the first video stream from one MP4 file to another, here is what I do : $ time ffmpeg -hide_banner -i toto1.mp4 -map 0 -vn -c:v:1 copy -c ...
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Generating video thumbnails preview / contact sheet in batch, color issue

I have a large collection of videos to sort out, and for that purpose I want to create a thumbnail preview for each one of them, as quickly and efficiently as possible. I have tested several tools ...
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Extract file thumbnail from mp4 file

I'm currently converting a few mp4 file to mkv. In the process they lose their file thumbnails and I wanted to keep them. So I'm searching for a way to extract the custom thumbnails from the mp4 files ...
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How to add a time stamp using ffmpeg to a screenshot capture of a video

I am trying to output a screenshot of a video at an specified time and the resulting picture should have a black square with the time that was given initially. So far I was only able to produce a ...
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Extract key frame from video with ffmpeg

I have a need to generate a thumbnail for videos for a web application and I am currently doing that with this command: ffmpeg -ss <seconds> -i <input file> -vframes 1 -y <output file&...
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Wrong YouTube thumbnail seen by Facebook Advertisement team [closed]

I have a really weird issue. When I publish my YouTube video (1 hour long if that matters) I usually set a Custom thumbnail, which has a fixed amount of text on it, so it corresponds with the ...
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Maintaining thumbnails in Premiere CC

When I open a bin containing video files in Premiere CC on a Mac, if I want to view the video files as thumbnails, I have to wait quite a few seconds every time. Is there a setting so that I can ...
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