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Sync separate audio to video+bad-camera-audio, free NLE recommendations

My use-case, in case the details help people understand what I'm looking for: My brother needs some videos of him singing while playing the piano, to send in as an audition for a dinner theater. For ...
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Low cost frame synchronized (genlocked) 3D stereo camera

I am trying to capture stereo video with 2 Microsoft LifeCam Studio USB webcams. Thus far, the best approach I've managed to come up with is my own tool written using OpenCV to capture video streams ...
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What causes audio sync drift when digitizing VHS?

In the process of digitizing family VHS tapes, amateur video producers often encounter audio drift or skew where the audio track becomes out of sync with the video: It slowly dawned on me that the ...
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By how much can video and audio be out of sync?

If I have an interview or lecture style video and the audio is out of sync, by how much can it be out of sync before the average person would easily notice? I'm currently trying to create an HTML5 ...
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Lossless A/V delay with ffmpeg

I downloaded this video but its' audio has approximately a 600ms advance compared to its' audio. How can I fix that in a lossless manner (i.e -c copy) with ffmpeg ?
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How to automatically synchronize two recordings of the same event?

Let's say I have two recordings (or more) of the same event. Maybe one has been recorded slightly slower or faster (different "pitch") than the other one and has been started several seconds after or ...
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ffmpeg concat introduces a/v sync problem

I have one 2-hour video file and want to add a 10-second title sequence to its start. The long file has perfect a/v sync from start to finish. However, when I use ffmpeg -f concat -i mylist.txt -c ...
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Video desyncs with the audio over time

I record footage with OBS and do voiceovers recorded in audacity. I process the audio in audacity, then sync the audio with the video. However, since I started doing it this way, the audio and video ...
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3 answers

How can I record audio & video synced with another audio file?

I want to record a drum cover. I have three input sources: a camera, the output of my electronic drum kit (computer registers it as a microphone), and an existing audio file (the song). I want to ...
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Add timecode information to file

I'm writing a program that interprets LTC timestamps from audio channels in video files. The goal is to remove the LTC track and replace it with some kind of native timestamps directly in the video ...
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Is 0.0036% time inaccuracy on a consumer-grade camcorder expected?

I did an experiment on our church's camcorder (Sony Handycam HDR-CX380) recently to test whether it was the source of a time inaccuracy between our video recordings and PC audio recordings of sermons (...
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GoPro Dual HERO 3D stereo system only compatible with HERO3+ Black Edition units?

I need to shoot stereo video in perfect sync. I realized that GoPro offers Dual HERO System but they only list compatibility for HERO3+ Black Edition units. So I assume the currently selling cheaper ...
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Identifying source of audio drift between camcorder and recording PC

I'm recording our church's sermons using a standard consumer-grade camcorder (Handycam HDR-CX380). Depending on mixer circumstances (our church moves around a lot), I'll either run a line from our ...
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Video concatenation puts sound out of sync

I have several MOV files from a DSLR camera. I concatenate them with directions from this thread: ffmpeg -safe 0 -f concat -i files_to_combine -vcodec copy -acodec copy temp.MOV where ...
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