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Render srt subtitles to video?

I have subtitles in .srt file format, and I need to render them on top of video file (prefereably mp4). I have tried handbrake and mediacoder so far, with no luck. What should I do?
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DaVinci Resolve: Blur and fade title on top of video

I am using DaVinci Resolve 14. Is it possible to have titles on top of video which blur and fade out at the same time? I know how to fade them, but I cannot blur them. Adding a transition seem to ...
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Import subtitles from spreadsheet into Aegisub?

I have a set of timed transcripts in a spreadsheet in the following form: Timecode mm:ss:ff | Line of dialogue 01:02:25 | This is some dialogue I would like to import them into ...
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Unable to hardcode subtitles in FFmpeg on Mac to mov

I would like to hardcode subtitles using FFmpeg, I'm trying to do this using the following command: ffmpeg -i -vf which returns the ...
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ffmpeg - burning in subtitles with non-square pixels

I've got a 16:9 standard-def movie into which I need to burn some subtitles. I'm using ffmpeg -y -i -vf ass="./captions.ass" and in the subtitle.ass file I've tried PlayResX: ...
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ffmpeg cut same video to multiple pieces

For the project that I'm working on I have to cut some parts of same video with some subtitles. So I made a bash file that executes multiple ffmpeg commands like this. ffmpeg -i input.mp4 -vf scale="...
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