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How is each type of video camera stabilizer different?

What are the kinds of video camera stabilizers I could buy in the market? How are they different? What are the pros and cons of each?
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Is it correct to mix tripod and handheld footage?

I want to shot some scenes using a tripod, and some others handheld (with an IS lens). Can I mix both types of scenes in a short (4 minutes) movie, or is it unprofessional? From what I've seen: ...
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Who should buy a Weighted Gimbal Stabilizer

Who can make the best use of a weighted gimbal stabilizer such as a Glidecam HD2000? What are the pros and cons of using one?
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Smoothcam filter vs Warp Stabilizer

To smooth out shaky footage I want to know which of the following apps is the best: Final cut Pro X Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Adobe After Effects CS6
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Best way to stabilize footage?

I'm working with footages that are shot handheld. The shakes are not too aggressive but they're still noticeable. For the longest time ever I've been using Final Cut Pro's stabilization function to ...
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Stabilizing GoPro videos

When I watched videos on GoPro's youtube profile, they seem to me almost perfectly stable. And when I attached my action cam to helmet and tried to record during skiing, the video was very shaky. I ...
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Is there a thing that can hold the subject in front of the camera, locked, not moving while shooting video?

I want to shoot a video for my iPhone app demo. My idea is shoot a phone running the app, and the iPhone is relatively still in the video, while I could move the camera around, so the background ...
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Looking to get Youtube-quality video stabilization from a software based video editing application (on mac)

When I create edited films on iMovie and then export them to Youtube, Youtube's stabilization enhancement greatly increases the quality of many of my shakier action shots. Unfortunately, this same ...
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Any way to batch stabilize video files?

I have a lot of videos that need stabilization... is there any way to batch stabilize them? edit: I'm on Windows 7 64-bit. I don't think that what kind of software and footage do I have... I'm just ...
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how can I smoothly move a camera without a dolly?

I have a small camera and this is the first time I'm filming anything that is serious. I'm wonder if there is a cheap way I can smoothly shoot footage in a room while moving without a camera dolly.
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