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Solid State Hard Drives or SSDs are storage devices which do not require moving parts and can read and write data much faster than traditional disk drives.

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Is SSD a safe replacement for HDD video storage?

Small M.2 SSD (solid-state drives) are increasingly replacing HDD (hard disk drives) in new PCs for file storage. SSD is proven to be better for video editing, but what about video storage? Is a PC ...
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How much SSDs to use on computer for DaVinci Resolve Studio?

I want to build a computer for DaVinci Resolve Studio. I want to choose how much SSD to use in it. I thought of two variants. In both variants I will not store archive files on computer on which I ...
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If I can buy SSD, how do I best use it to improve video editing?

I am a small hobby editor. Just for fun, nothing serious. Hence: I don't know really much about the technical side at all, and most things I just don't understand. I'm really just a consumer. I do ...
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Can you read video files off a HyperDeck Studio Pro 2?

Is there a way to connect a Hyperdeck Studio Pro 2 directly to a computer, and edit the video files directly? It has a Thunderbolt connection, but it says that it's for "capture of video and audio" ...
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Do internal SSDs challenge the conventional wisdom of storing digital assets on external "scratch" disks?

I've heard that all project assets should be stored on a separate "scratch" disk for the sake of increased performance. I'm wondering if that conventional wisdom holds even when your "scratch" disk is ...
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Is it possible to use an SSD for the RAM preview in After Effects CC?

I'm looking at my options, I would like to buy an SSD to do RAM previews with but I'm not sure if it can be configured this way... is there anyone else that has tried this?
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What are people using to connect SSD drives from a camera to Thunderbolt or Firewire?

We're shooting on a Blackmagic Cinema Camera, and at the moment are using the guts of a little portable drive enclosure as our cradle for transferring to our Macs via Firewire 800. It's got a very ...
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