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How can I rotate an image to make sure it fits neatly onto a video?

I'm using stock footage of a person using their laptop. I'd like to add a screenshot of a website onto the laptop screen. How can I make sure the screenshot fits neatly onto the laptop screen?
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How can I animate reputation changes in Stack Exchange?

I'm making a YouTube video on discrimination, and among other things I'll explain this study which shows anti-female bias against new female StackExchange users, but pro-female bias toward experienced ...
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Do i really need a Super-Computer to edit Videos?

I wanted to edit a video and encountered some severe lag and preview stuttering. I started looking around on the internet, but I'm just not getting any definitive and practical information on ...
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Is it possible to Append in Shotcut without losing focus from the source video's timeline?

I want to be able to play a video and hit I to set a trim-in, hit O to set a trim-out, and hit A to append that clip to a video track, but let the video continue to play so I can continue selecting ...
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After reading separate video and audio tracks (in Shotcut), just export a portion of it as one video

I am using Shotcut for my video editing (I am a beginner). I record one big video file, and one audio file separately, but when I load them into Shotcut actually I just need some portion of it. Is ...
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Select every second clip in Premiere Pro

After setting the cuts in a sequence, is there an easy way to select every second clip to delete them all at once.
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Text fading in a clip in Shotcut

I make YouTube videos sometimes and Shotcut has always been my go-to for video editing, but I am working on a video now and can't figure out how to fade text in and out while a clip is playing. Help?