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After Effects expression using Index position isn't working between comps and shapes

I have many shapes that I want to reference to a single comp with a shape in it, in case I need to change them later on. The shapes are 2D and in different positions all over my canvas. I want to be ...
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Can't fill a shape in After Effects (imported from XD)

I created some User Interface in Adobe XD including some shapes with blur and color each one. In XD everything looks OK, like: But, when i Export that to After Effects (Adobe XD lets you export ...
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Overlapping shapes pixelated in final export

I have some issues with Adobe AE, in rendered video (on monitor inside AE it's ok). In the composition I have one shape overlapping the other one. However, the edge of the shape on top is pixelated. ...
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Add waves in after effects

How do I create waves that follows the users motion like this Anything in this direction is appreciated except don't tell me to draw😅
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