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How to align a shape to stick to another in AE?

I'm new to After Effects but I did some work with Photoshop in the past. I'm trying to create a diamond with AE (and make a gif later so it rotates). To be super clear - I'm trying to convert the ...
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Create middle lined mask in vector shape

I have a Illustrator vector shape (It has a shape path around it). But I need a mask line in the middle of the shape. The problem with with doing it by drawing a shape line over it is that I can't get ...
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1 answer

Intersecting Shapes in After Effects

I've received an aep file and there's the following thing that drives me nuts: There are obviously two overlapping shapes that where only the exclusion is filled: Nothing special so far, but there ...
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How to fix fragmentation when rotating a shape in AE?

Working on a caption animation and after rotating my arrow it left a strange fragment, almost like a stroke that got left behind. I'm looking at the white line on the top arrow: I've tried finding it ...
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After Effects expression using Index position isn't working between comps and shapes

I have many shapes that I want to reference to a single comp with a shape in it, in case I need to change them later on. The shapes are 2D and in different positions all over my canvas. I want to be ...
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Can't fill a shape in After Effects (imported from XD)

I created some User Interface in Adobe XD including some shapes with blur and color each one. In XD everything looks OK, like: But, when i Export that to After Effects (Adobe XD lets you export ...
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Overlapping shapes pixelated in final export

I have some issues with Adobe AE, in rendered video (on monitor inside AE it's ok). In the composition I have one shape overlapping the other one. However, the edge of the shape on top is pixelated. ...
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After Effects: Jagged edges on shape layer and white borders in general

The two white shapes are virtually the same but on different layers in picture 1. I don't know why I'm getting these jagged edges on one of them. I've already toggled 'quality and sampling' but it ...
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1 answer

How do I add multiple videos into multiple shape layers

I have a vector map of the state of NJ that I have broken up into counties (overall state as the shape layer...all counties underneath in a Group) I'd like to insert a different graphic/video into ...
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Pop out a shape out of another shape

How do I do a 'pop out' effect from one shape out of the other? Right now I have this: But I would like if the shape visually appeared out of the left 1. So like it stretches and then comes ...
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In Fusion, how can I add a different coloured border around a shape?

I want to create a shape that has a border that is different from the shape's fill. Here is an example of what I want to achieve in the end: Please note that the image in the background is only an ...
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1 answer

Can I morph my Trim Path "form" into an object?

I am new to After Effects, and I am trying to make an Animation that is a bit hard for my poor skills. I made a Trim Path, and now I want to transform the "form" that follows it into an ...
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Add waves in after effects

How do I create waves that follows the users motion like this Anything in this direction is appreciated except don't tell me to draw😅
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Which software was used to produce this demo video?

I'm wondering which software was used to create the demo video you can see in Piktochart's website. The embedded Youtube video is this: I know it is an infographics ...
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