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A configuration or an assembly of any set of hardware or software component(s) in a setting that helps you accomplish a particular video recording, creation, capture or processing task/activity.

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How do I set up and use FFmpeg in Windows?

I understand that FFmpeg is a powerful tool for video file conversions. I see online in many places people suggesting it for solutions or getting help in how to use it. The problem is, I don't even ...
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Advice on how to determine right camera equipment and set up for multi-sport court?

We are building a 65ft x 30ft multi-sport court with 13ft walls all around (similar to the one pictured) and we would like to know what video camera equipment would be the most appropriate in order to ...
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GoPro looping settings

I'm using my GoPro Hero3 White as a dashcam. Setting it to overwrite files, I encountered 2 strange things: 5min settings give me 1min files, and 20min settings give 5min files. The counter stops at ...
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V-mount and D-tap power problems

I might have f-ed up. I’m a producer for an in-house agency and I had the sweet idea of consolidating all battery types and to power everything off of D-tap (p-tap) using v-mount batteries. Here’s ...
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How do you load a Bolex H-16?

How do you load a Bolex H-16? A complete answer will include a link to the camera manual, page number for reference in the ASC manual, and a video demonstrating effective loading technique.
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How do I install Adobe Premiere Elements on a computer that's isolated from the Internet?

I want to install Adobe Premiere Elements 14 on a computer that's not connected to the Internet. I used version 3 back when it was current and it did the job, but I don't know what happened to the ...
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What is the relationship between hardware acceleration and DXVA/QuickSync/Cuda?

Many video playback applications (e.g. VLC Player, MPC-HC, etc.) are highly configurable. For example: VLC Player allows you to enable: QuickSync and/or DXVA Freemake allows you to enable: CUDA and/...
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Broadcast tv setup.

Hi there I'm in business and I'm looking to expand. I think there is a vast need for broadcast tv in my country (Jamaica). So I'm exploring what it takes to get setup and all. I want to know if ...
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Mic positioning in 2 sitting actors scene

I need a hint for some audio recording I have to do. I will be recording conversations between 2 people sitting at a table, as a sound operator in a shooting. My question is: in this type of ...
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How do you install Adobe Production Premium CS5 on a different hard drive in windows?

Is there a way of installing Adobe Production Premium CS5 on a hard drive other than C:\? I tried changing the install path in the installer but after installing parts of the program don't work and it ...
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Save video track names as a preset

I'm in Premiere Pro CC 2019 13.1.2, and want to save named video tracks as a preset. This can be easily done with Audio as per image, but I think I must be missing how to set up a preset with named ...
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Is it possible to convert output of TV Channel (set top box 720p) to 1080p?

I have Toshiba 29PB200ZE (just purchased). Now the problem is it displays pixels with very blur effect. Reason is that the Cable operators in India (using Standard Channel Broadcasting) broadcasting ...
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Is there a microphone / video setup that requires little to no post-production?

I'm trying to record one take per day of someone reading a story in from of a camera in a vlog-like format, but I don't have a ton of time for post-production. Most advice articles on a vlog setup ...
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Setup for Premiere Pro on Laptop with SSD/HDD

I am about to install Premiere Pro on a laptop with 500gb SSD and 750gb HDD, how can I optimise it in terms of where to install the OS, other apps and where to put the video files. I also have an ...
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How to work with desqueezed anamorphic footage in FCPX

I have footage from an Array Alexa Mini, shot with anamorphic lenses. The footage was desqueezed in camera, so the resulting video resolution is 2944x2160. The codec is Timecode, Apple ProRes 4444, ...
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Render settings for DVD in Vegas Pro

I've been working on a video project and output should be for DVD. Video from camera: 1920×1080; 50 fps 65 min. after cut Software: Vegas Pro 12.0 I need to render it in the best quality possible, ...
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What is the least noticable way to re-stream a video to Twitch?

I have a local video file from a past Twitch stream (which I failed to archive), broadcast and recorded through OBS. My goal is to re-stream it to Twitch so that it feels as close as reasonably ...
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How to record glitch footage on a tv?

I’ve got an analog glitch fx module. It takes rca video input and outputs the same. The footage is on my pc. My plan is to connect it as follows. Play the footage on my pc. HDMI cable from pc to a (...
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What cameras/setup can record 10-12 hours long continuous video in very wide angles in high resolutions without being physically humongous?

My aim : (purpose - long drive activity) to record a 10-12 hour long video (not a time lapse) possibly ultrawide (upwards of 130 degrees or something like a super-view from GoPro) higher resolutions ...
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Updrade to Windows 10 34 bit [closed]

I want to upgrade Windows 10 32 bit TO Windows 10 64 bit for install Premier Pro CS6 . How do I upgrade that OS ?
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