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Questions tagged [sd-card]

Secure Digital (SD) non-volatile memory card. Flash-based storage device commonly used in cameras, phones, tablets, etc.

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How much recording time at 1080p30 on a 32GB card on a GoPro Hero (1)?

Is there a generic data recording rate for the different capture options on GoPro Heroes? I'm trying to determine what size of SD card I should buy for my GoPro and I'd like to get an approximation. ...
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UHS1 vs. Class 10 sd card (Samsung dv100)

Looking to buy a new memory card for my Samsung dv100. After reading the manual, asking samsung support and searching the web, I still don't understand whether buying UHS1 card is an "overkill" for ...
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4 answers

Why does my Class 10 memory card run in to buffering problems?

My Canon EOS 600D's class 10 SD card does not write out data very quickly and this results in buffering issues which can be seen when shooting 1080p@30fps video. Why can't the card keep up and what ...
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I am not able to take video with my SD card

I purchased a Sandisk ultra with 64GB of memory for like 60$ but now it will not allow me to take videos. Why is this and is there any way to change it? When I display the info on the screen I can see ...
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Will the Samsung 64GB Evo Plus be sufficient for the Panasonic gx80/85?

Will the Samsung 64GB Evo Plus be sufficient for the Panasonic GX80/85 for 4K video? I have recently purchased the Panasonic GX80 and need to get an SD card to go with it. I know nothing about ...
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Automatic video stop on SDCX class 10 card

I' ve been recording clips with a Canon 80D and a Lexxar Profesional x633 SDXC card 64 GB class 10, 95 MB/s max read speed. Video format was MOV at 1080p, 25 fps. I never had a problem for almost a ...
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Why did a 10 minute video take up 32GB of space? (Canon 1200D)

I have a Canon 1200D DSLR camera and last night I was recording a 20 minute live show but my 32GB card filled up in just under 10 minutes. I was shooting at 1920x1080 50FPS. I had checked the manual ...
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How do I playout rtmp stream to SDI (Decklink Studio 4K) using FFMPEG command?we are using Windows 7 operating system

ffmpeg -re -i rtmp://server/live/streamname \ -c:v rawvideo -pix_fmt uyvy422 -vf scale=720x576 \ -c:a pcm_s16le -ar 48000 -ac 2 \ -f nut - | /bmd/bmdplay -C 0 -m 2 -f pipe:0 Kindly share the exact ...
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SD card for Sony FDR-AX100E 4K?

I recently acquired a Sony FDR-AX100E. Samsung 64 Pro+, SDXC I 10 U3 says: Cannot record. Please use UHS-I U3 compatible memory ... Sandisk Extreme Pro SDHC-1 U3 10 32Gb says: This memory card ...
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Why is my camcorder creating 10:40 clips?

I was given a used Sony NEX VG20 as a gift. I bought this SD card for it - "SanDisk 128GB Extreme SDXC UHS-I Card - C10, U3, V30, 4K UHD, SD Card - SDSDXV5-128G-GNCIN",
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2 answers

Canon video recording stopped automatically problem but new question not like the other ones!

On my Canon EOS 550D, I am getting this error. I know the problem is about speed of sd card. Well my sd card is not fast but I am also using adapter. I mean I originally have micro sd card but I am ...
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SD class 2 and video HD

I hope that I'm writing in a right section. I have a videocamera full HD (low price) and a SD class 2. Can this type of class film HD videos or it will save bad quality videos? Thanks, Alessandro.
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SD Card - GoPro Hero HD

I have seen a lot of comparison about which microSD card I should take if I own a GoPro Hero 3/4 but none of thoses articles mension the original GoPro HD. So is it worth buying an expensive one (30-...
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Converter Box SD CARD

Unable to use last 2 Gigabytes of Storage on my SD card at the same rate as previous video. I have been using a converter box for recording to an SD CARD. The amount of video was reduced to only 40 ...
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