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Recording or streaming output of a computer screen.

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Techniques for compressing a slideshow presentation video?

I often do QuickTime screen recordings of slideshow presentations (e.g. Keynote). These videos are 1080p 60fps and mostly text. They can go for minutes at a time with the same exact frame on-screen (...
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3 answers

How to record a video of computer screen movements

Can someone suggest good softwares for making a video tutorial of computer screen, like is done on most computer tutoring sites? I am looking a software that can capture a video of my blackberry ...
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9 votes
7 answers

Lossless screen-recording software

For a small project of mine I want to record short screen-casts which show features of my program. Currently, I'm using a small app on my Ubuntu box which creates directly animated gif output. The ...
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How does Salman Khan make his screencasts?

Just wondering what software he uses. I see his videos regularly and I'm somewhat impressed by the video and audio quality of his screen-casts.
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Software to capture high quality screen-casts

I want to record video tutorials but I can't get the program to capture my screen with high quality, and not just that, when I try to edit it in After Effects scaling and positioning the fonts and ...
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0 answers

Screen-record tablet ink drawing on top of recorded video?

Is there software that allows me to 'screen record' tablet wacom ink drawing on top of a video being played back, and then output a new file with the drawing being part of the video? A wacom overlay, ...