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Use ffmpeg to stream rawvideo from a USB camera

I have a image sensor that streams 640x480 in RAW8 format. A USB controller is receiving this data, packing two pixels of 8-bits each and sending to USB as a 16-bits per pixel YUV422 format (this is ...
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Shooting RAW vs 4:2:2 10-bit HDR PQ for HDR output

With the Canon EOS R5 I can choose to record in 12 bit RAW (DCI) or 10-bit HDR PQ H.265 (All-I or IPB compressed). Is there a big advantage of shooting in RAW vs HDR PQ for non professional HDR output?...
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RAW Format videos database

there is an online database for raw videos? I wanted to download some videos in RAW Format for a university work and I can't find none. The job I have to do is to encode the RAW video with different ...
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File format for storing raw video parameters?

If I export raw video data with ffmpeg, it will have just the image data, the pixels, without any structural metadata. It won't have things like the frame size, frame rate, and pixel format. But if I ...
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At what resolution can the 5D Mark 2 record at least over a minute of ML RAW video at 24 fps?

Adding to this, assuming all of this is being done on a 32GB 120MB/S SandDisk card, how many minutes would it take before the entire card is filled up?
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Can two spinning drives in RAID 0 configuration support 4K ProRes Raw data rates?

I'm helping a friend to assess external storage options. We are hoping that a Lacie 2big will be fast enough to support a 4K final cut work flow. Can two spinning 7200RPM drives configured as RAID 0 ...
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