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1 answer

How to mute monitors automatically

When on the radio I want the studio monitors to mute automatically when I open the mic (normal radio station stuff) so there is no feedback. I have read that some boards do and some don't but I can ...
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1 answer

What do I need for facebook Audio Live streaming?

I would like to do audio live streaming on facebook. I intend to get audio feed from myself, from a guest sitting next to me, from a guest over the phone and a guest on Skype. And then stream it on ...
2 votes
3 answers

Will multiple radiomic sets conflict with one another?

I use a single radiomic (Sennheiser AVX) but now need a second one. Will the second conflict with the first one in terms of frequencies? Or would they automatically find different frequencies to ...
1 vote
2 answers

Looking for Radio Automation Software

I am currently planning to run a podcast or a radio show as you prefer, where I intend to broadcast some Skype talking and play some music, live through Mixlr. I've been looking for some software that ...
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2 answers

Sending real time audio from the field unit to the radio studio over 3G

We have a temporary FM radio station running for a week before the May Day. We don't have a portable radio transmitter for our field reporter and we're planning on using the mobile data (3G) for the ...
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1 answer

putting 24/7 live radio on website

I am trying to figure out how to put a live radio player in a website, for broadcasting from my home studio. I also want to open it up so other people can also broadcast to the website from their ...