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editing video (overlaying text) using AVfoundation is resulting weird behaviour in video

Whenever I move the pointer you can see video getting weird pixelation. Complete video showing how it behaves in quicktime player: I am just applying overlay using ...
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.mov file is not playing video in After Effects

I've recorded 7 videos yesterday. All recorded on a Canon 5D Mark III. The files are playing fine from Finder and Quicktime. But when I import them to After Effects, only one of them is not playing ...
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How to convert a quicktime 3d model .mov format into multiple images

I've tried exporting 3d model lab into images sequence format after going through this below answer. exporting .mov vr to multiple still frames, but all I can see same image output with different ...
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Screencasts from quicktime are too large to share

I tend to take quite a lot of video screencasts to illustrate bugs and features to 3rd parties during web development projects. To achieve this is I use Quicktime on my Mac and then go to "File > ...
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Convert 4:3 to 16:9 like QuickTime Panoramic Size

QuickTime has an awesome feature called "Panoramic Size". It basically scales the input video to the screen aspect ratio without cropping by leaving the center as-is and gradually increasing ...
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How to import Quicktime screen recording in PP or AE?

I know how to import other content with normal specs but these QuickTime screen recordings from my Macbook has weird FPS data. When I import these .mov files in AE or PP I get weird glitches on the ...
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1080p videos encoded in H264 are not playing in Safari

I'm doing HTTP live streaming of 1080p video encoded in H264 with Main profile level 4.1. However Safari is unable to play the video. I can only hear the audio. The streaming is working fine with ...
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Quicktime PNG codecs turn blue on most recent Premiere Pro CC update

I recently updated my copy of Premiere CC to 2015.4, and many of my downloaded effects overlay videos turned blue. (Attached is a blood spray effect). These were all downloaded from the website ...
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Trouble scaling 2880x1800 to 1080p without blurring in Premiere Pro

I have a project I'm producing where the source clips are generated from Quicktime doing a screen recording. The dimensions are 2880 x 1800, 60fps. The source dimensions are a little unusual, but ...
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MOV file not playing in iMovie and QuickTime

I did convert two MTS files to MOV. But one of the file is playing and working fine in iMovie app and QuickTime. But the other is not working. I did convert the first file by doing copy the stream and ...
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Audio/Video sync issues in VLC but not in QuickTime

I have a HD video file - 422MB. When I open it with QuickTime everything is in sync. When I open it with VLC the audio is late by half a second. What may be the problem?
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Which of the atoms in the QuickTime file format specification are necessary for a movie file with no sound?

I would like to know, please, the 'bare minimum' of which atoms I need to include in a QuickTime .mov file for a video with no sound. Would it just be the 'ftyp', 'moov' (with child 'trak' and 'mdia' ...
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Audio from Motiv video file is offset wrong in Davinci Resolve

I am using an iPhone (iOS 14.6), Shure Motive Video ( and Davinci Resolve (Mac, 17.2 Build 11) to capture video. When I play back the video file in Quicktime (Version 10.5 (1086.4.2)), the ...
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Encode VP9 in mov container with pcm audio

Davinci Resolve's supported Codecs list shows it only supports decoding VP9 if placed in an mov container. Add to that the audio limitations also present on the Linux version and mov is somewhat ...
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ffmpg (copy existing settings?) or crop a .mov with alpha and have it be open-able using Quicktime (not VLC)

How do you have ffmpeg copy all existing settings except the crop dimensions of a video file? I've been struggling to crop an .mov with alpha channel (transparent video), so that it can be opened ...
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Why is Aplha channel video layer not working correctly in premiere pro?

I am Naved and I am using Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 for creating a YouTube video. This video is providing a list of recommended copyright free music that is available on YouTube for free use. I ...
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FFMPEG slideshow skips a picture when showing on VLC (and is OK on Quicktime)

I created a slideshow following the directions on the concat demuxer. The input file is: file 'sentence1.jpg duration 5 file 'sentence2.jpg duration 5 file 'sentence3.jpg duration 5 file '30.jpg ...
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