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The producer is kind of like a project manager. His job is to get all the individuals - actors, cameramen, engineers, scriptwriters, etc - to each do their part to achieve the overall goal.

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Small Indie Production and Insurance

I'm supporting some friends for a small web series and we're trying to figure out a budget. As I research, I'm reading a lot about permits and insurance and so forth. We are not even a real production ...
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One long continuous shot, sped-up until it becomes "live"

I have an idea for a video project (that I will need to commission a studio to produce for me), but at this early stage I don't even know whether my idea is feasible. The idea involves turning (hours ...
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Advice on shooting 1st Person POV restaurant scene

I have an upcoming shoot where I will need to capture a restaurant scene in first person point-of-view. It seems pretty straight-forward, but I want to make sure it truly looks like the subject's ...
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supply video files to editor in another country

My editor is moving from Los Angeles (where I live) to Canada. Is there a common, reliable, cheap way for me to supply large video files (up to 10 GB) to him? I don't have much of a budget, and I have ...
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Is it good practice to have a film's supporters contact film festival program directors?

I admit, I'm not sure this Q&A site is right for this question, as my question does not deal with technical aspects of film production... But the site description says, "Q&A for engineers, ...
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Looking for a free dvd burning program which has basic video editing to make a menu?

I just shot some video in 720 using my kodak playsport zx5. I know HD videos don't fit on DVD and i'll have to compress / edit them. I don't want to buy any advanced programs right now since i'm just ...
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How to critique promotional videos?

I want to start producing short promotional videos for products, services, events, etc. I figure the first thing to do is: Know how to find examples of 3-5 minute promotional videos, Learn how to ...
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Workflow for making interesting videos

I'd like to start a bit of a travel video blog about my adventures, but I'm wondering how I can: Make my videos interesting, and Make them look and sound reasonably professional. I currently have ...
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What applications can I film in and integrate photos, and narrating on iMac/iPhone/Maybe iPad

What applications can I film in and integrate photos, and narrating? I've played with iMovie and don't get it (ADHD), and video apps on my iPhone seem puny for a series of youTube like documentary ...
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4 answers

Templates for video production?

I am planning to release short and basic videos on youtube. I would like to have a more polished look and feel so I am wondering if there are templates that you can use with, say, adobe premiere, that ...
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What's the difference between an Engineer and a Producer?

People seem to be making a point of the distinction of the role of Engineer and Producer. What's the difference?
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