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How can I "copy" a zoom from another video?

This question might sound weird but I've had it for a LONG time. Basically, is it possible to "track and copy" a zoom from a video and save it as a preset, so I can apply it to other videos? ...
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1 answer

How to save multiple masks as a preset for use on different clips in Adobe Premiere?

I am working in Adobe Premiere. I am building a kaleidoscope effect that I would like to save as a preset to apply to other clips. To build the kaliedoscope I have stacked a number of copies of the ...
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1 answer

Best presets to scale legacy 4:3 and 5:4 videos using ffmpeg

We have videos in row format (.mov) that are 4:3 (768x576) and 5:4 (720x576). We have a recommended preset for streaming over DASH to HTML5 and Silverlight players (this is the second pass): ffmpeg -...
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1 vote
2 answers

Is there a way to apply an Animation Preset - Text Effect onto a shape?

I have a few bullet points as so: I would like to apply an Animation Preset > Text > Blurs > Bullet Train to it... But I want the effect to include the blue circle. I've tried applying ...
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Editing a 640x480 mp4 in premiere CS4

I have a video with 640x480 resolution, which I want to import into premiere and add a MASK over specific areas which should not be visible. I'm wondering what settings I should select when I start ...
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