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Recovering 18fps super-8 from NTSC 59.94i: Duplicate frame removal?

I have a VHS tape made from 1970s-era super-8 home video footage (the originals for which are lost), and am trying to make what improvements I can. I used a Blackmagic UltraStudio to perform raw frame ...
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What's the easiest way to cover up a seam in background paper behind video footage in Final Cut Pro?

I have about 10 minutes of footage which includes what is supposed to be a 100% white background (no gradients). The person who shot the footage apparently used 2 overlapping sheets of white ...
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One man band short animation - crediting and credits

I've been creating a short animation (1 min) to demonstrate and showcase a FUI (Futuristic User Interface). No one else was involved, other than third party advice and support. No unions involved. A ...
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What are the best export settings for Kolor or other pano-stitching software to create 360° videos in Unity?

I'm using the Autopano Giga 4.4 and Autopano Video Pro 2.6 to stitch and create spherical content, but I've recently moved into wanting to create 360° tours via Unity. I know this is partly a ...
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How to fix a video with changing exposures (I didn't know about A/E Lock until now!)

I was filming an interview. Everything was cool with the right sound, WB, shutter speed and focus, However, my subject kept on moving in his chair the exposure changed whenever he moves. Then I ...
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Remove Overlay Lines From Video

In a bit of a panic here. I've recorded a bunch of footage and had some sort of overlay grid that appears to be baked into the video. Using Premiere or some other tool, is there a way to kill it? Sort ...
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What SOFTWARE could I use to encode to this spec?

Thanks in advance! It's an mpeg transport stream in a .ts wrapper. Layout would be as follows: Video (MPEG2, 80Mbps, CBR, All I Frame,422@HL) Audio1 (Track1/PID1) 1 pair LPCM(SMPTE 302M)48kHz Audio2 ...
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How to generate decryption key from m3u8 manifest? (OR) How to decrypt an excrypted MP4 using URI and IV?

I am downloading an HLS video which is AES-128 encrypted. The issue is that the downloaded video is also encrypted and hence, not viewable. The website is serving 2 M3U8 manifests: The first ...
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