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4 answers

Correcting exposure flickering in time-lapse footage "in post"

I have made some time-lapse footage of a flower blooming. It was taken inside, at night, with constant lighting. The pictures are great, but as footage, the exposure between frames is slightly ...
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1 answer

placing text in video filmed environments

I really love mixing reallife environment with floating text over buildings or virtual paintings on the walls. When the camera moves, the text also moves and looks like it is really attached to the ...
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2 answers

How to make a film in black and white and add color to some objects?

How is a movie made to show selective colors. For instance, in Pleasantville a sister and brother are transported to the universe of an old black and white TV show, and the movie switches to being B&...
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How to stitch images from DIY panorama video rig with 3 canon 60d's?

I want to build a camera rig with 3 canon 60d's to get some kind of panorama video. To verify my idea before building the real rig, I've implemented the setup in Blender to test all possible cases: ...
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Post-production workflow: VFX before color correction?

I'm shooting my first internet video tomorrow. It has a spaceship chasing and shooting at a superhero in it. With knowledge accumulated between ~a year ago and now and more focused research over the ...
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6 votes
3 answers

Layer dimensions in after effects

How can I find the dimensions in pixels of a layer in adobe after effects.
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4 votes
1 answer

Archiving AVCHD from camera for later processing

What is the recommended way to copy AVCHD data from SD card to a hard drive for later processing? My video camera would be going on an extended trip and the post-processing will be done after the trip....
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3 answers

What title(s) should a one-person film crew receive in the credit role?

I recently worked on an interview series that had the following contributors: Producer Interviewer: Person who contacted and arranged the interviews Me, the "predator" (one-person film crew) who set ...
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2 answers

How can flicker from a slide projector be removed from existing video footage?

Previously it was asked how to prevent flicker when recording a presenter and a slide show simultaneously. I'm interested in how to correct pre-existing video where there are flickering slides. Here ...
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3 votes
6 answers

How to cut a single clip in a Sequence into multiple clips for use in multiple Sequences in Premiere Pro

I have a single clip of a multi-speaker conference in Premiere Pro CS6 that I need to split into individual clips of each speaker, so that I can make a timeline of each clip with the end goal of ...
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How to deal with this heavily underexposed footage

I recently was at friends birthday with a few musical performances and this friend asked me to film the event. Unfortunately, it was really badly lit (I did notice it, but I couldn't do anything about ...
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