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The podcast tag is related to creating and editing podcasts, including equipment, software, and other resources for their production.

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Capturing audio from a different source in Premiere?

I have my 4 Shure mics connected to my Clarett which is registering as an audio device on my mac. My video source will be my video camera connected to my computer. I don't want to take audio from ...
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Looking for an alternative to Pamela for Skype for podcast recordings

I've been using the software Pamela for Skype for recording podcasts. The newest versions of Skype no longer support 3rd party applications. What is a good alternative going forward? I was able to ...
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Highlighting current speaker on multi person podcast?

Is there any easy way to highlight the current speaker automatically (rather than edit the video file manually) in a multi person podcast, similar to this for example:
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Good alternatives to Omnidazzle?

Does anyone know of a good pen software that allows you to draw on the screen? kind of similar to omnidazzle ?
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What mixer should I use?

I plan on recording a podcast on Garageband. I have rode procaster mic. I will be using one mic and one phone input with irig to connect audio caller, I need one more input to connect ipad to play ...
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What is the best way to combine two audio sources into a single audio output?

A friend and I are looking to start a podcast, yea, just like everyone else on the Internet. We are trying to determine the most practical way to combine two audio sources into a single audio output ...
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How to add captions file to video podcast?

I'm starting a tutorial video podcast and have recorded a couple of episodes. I've captioned them, and have the captions file in .srt format. However I haven't yet found a way to embed that file in ...
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What is the optimal codec and encoding parameters to encode Video Podcast?

I've got recorded PowerPoint presentation (video podcast) - static slides, mainly texts, some static infographics with voice of the presenter (speech only). It lasts about 1 hour and encoded to .avi ...
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Looking for Radio Automation Software

I am currently planning to run a podcast or a radio show as you prefer, where I intend to broadcast some Skype talking and play some music, live through Mixlr. I've been looking for some software that ...
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Scan Library for music track

Hope, I got the right forum for my question. I'm a Podcaster and publishing podcasts since 2005. In my first few episodes I used a Music Track as an opener which seems to have a copyright on it, so I ...
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How to monitor system sound and mic using Rode Podcaster?

Just set up my new Rode Podcaster and trying to figure out how to monitor both the mic and the system sound from my mac. Using it for podcasting, so I want to be able to monitor myself and the person ...
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Two questions regarding setting up a podcast with Behringer 1202fx mixer and a dual channel compressor limiter gate

I would like to know what is the proper way to connect the mixer to the compressor limiter gate to my Behringer1202fx mixer? any ideas? Also, I would like to know if anyone has or knows how to set up ...
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Hacking up a podcast functionality with the Behringer XENYX 1202FX.

There are two pieces of functionality which I need from the Behringer XENYX 1202 FX. Our podcast requires the use of Skype which means: Skype-out must go to an input on the mixer Skype-in should ...
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