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Pinnacle Studio 23 - 'JPG Noise'/White border added to .png images

Every .png image I import ends up with a slight white border. Mostly it's not that noticable, but other times it is extremely noticable. The video is set to Widescreen (16:9) and size HD 1920x1080, ...
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Do I need to configure CUDA in my graphics card for using CUDA support in Pinnacle studio?

The title explains a lot. Still, I wanted to ask in order to use
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Avid/Pinnacle Liquid

I have a licensed copy of Liquid on my Windows XP machine. No matter what I've tried, I can't move or reinstall it to my Windows 8.1 machine. Any suggestions?
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H.264 on analog camera

Years ago I bought Vitamin D Video software for videosurveillance, which doesn' support H.264, but only mpeg-4. Currently I'm using two cheap analog cameras (RCA, PAL) connected to pc through 1 usb ...
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Pinnacle Studio 17 vs Adobe Premiere Pro CC

I have my own YouTube channel that I am currently developing graphics for. I use Adobe Photoshop CC to create the graphics and I have been using a trial of Premiere Pro for video editing and I love it....
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