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How do I get the best reproduction when playing a digital video on a PAL CRT monitor?

I have a digital video that I need to show on a CRT monitor (PAL). It will play from a digital player and be fed to the monitor via s-video or composite video. What should I think of to get the ...
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Why do we still shoot 23.976 if NTSC and PAL have been replaced?

I watched this video and had loads of questions. If NTSC ran into problems with colour and therefore slowed down 30 to 29.976, and 24 to 23.976, why didn't PAL have the same problems and slow down 25 ...
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Is a UK PAL video tape compatible with a continental Europe PAL VHS/S-VHS player in terms of video and sound

I've read that the difference between UK PAL and Continental PAL is the carrier frequency used for the audio. But is that referring to: the (now former) analogue TV broadcasts the encoding on the ...
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What timing settings in VirtualDub should be used for VHS capture via EasyCap?

I want to digitize my VHS (PAL) home video tapes using an old video cassette player and EasyCap. Here is the photo of my EasyCap chips for reference: After several days of reading how to perform ...
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Convert video from 24 to 25 fps while keeping video and audio length and also correct audio pitch

With ffmpeg is possible to convert an input 24 fps video/audio to a 25 fps one while keeping the same exact duration, and also keeping as much as possible the original audio pitch ? I was thinking ...
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