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Questions tagged [noise]

Unwanted sound, as opposed to "signal", meaning desired sound, as in "signal-to-noise ratio"

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Horizontal noise on RCA capture

I'm trying to record some Wii footage using a Silvercrest capture card. I've managed to get the drivers working and recorded a snippet via an RCA A/V cable. However, there's a weird kind of noise - ...
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Noise artifacts when recording HDR videos

I have a Google Pixel 7 smartphone with support for HDR (10 bit) video recording technology in 4k 30 frames. And I was wondering how the environment affects the shooting of this video format. When ...
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DaVinci Resolve Fairlight advanced Noise Reduction

thank you for helping me! My problem is that I'm working with a very noisy microphone, so just enabling noice reduction in the fairlight options doesn't do the trick. I'm switching from audacity, ...
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How to input noise values in dBFS for ffmpeg silence detect

I used the silencedetect of ffmpeg with noise value of -30dB to get the silent parts of a small video file & used those timestamps to trim & re-encode the silent parts of the videos. I had ...
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Sampling and using afftdn with ffmpeg - how with complex filters?

I'm merging together a bunch of videos (30 so far) into a "Brady Bunch" style amalgam using ffmpeg, and I've got that working reasonably well. The last big problem is the background noise. ...
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Canon EOS T5 video noisy

When I film at least at 3200 ISO I have so much noise in my video that the video is unwatchable. I tried the denoiser in Adobe Premiere pro but it removes all the details and it doesn't remove colour ...
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