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How can one disable power aperture for video shooting with the Nikon D750?

I'm using a lens with an aperture ring that allows changing the aperture in a smooth, continuous manner. I've set up the D750 to allow me to use the aperture ring on the lens to change the aperture ...
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Can I miror Nikon D5000 live view to an android device wirelessly/wired?

I am using my Nikon D5000 to record some videos. The problem is that at some points the camera will be mounted on a crane and while I would be able to operate it's orientation, I won't see the image. ...
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Nikon Z6II / Z7II external video recorder limitations, e.g. Ninja V

Reading through the Reference Manual of the Z6II and Z7II regarding the output HDMI options, it does not list 4k @ 60p or 1080 @ 120p through HDMI. It would suggest that external monitoring and ...
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