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How to get ffmpeg/x264 to use same parameters as input?

I'm trying to accomplish a smart rendering workflow using ffmpeg/x264. In short, get ffmpeg to segment the input file. Locate the segment(s) with changes to be made. Re-encode altered segments with ...
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How to convert asynchronous stream of JPEG images to video stream

I have an HTTP server that streams images from a camera in a series of HTTP responses to a single request. The frame rate of this direct stream fluctuates, ie. some frames take longer to produce, some ...
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Visualising MPEG TS informations (PMT, PAT) with wireshark

I captured a multicast MPEG stream (scrambled) transported over UDP, using a bridge between a set-top-box and the router. I would like to extract these informations : PMT, Audio tracks PIDS, video ...
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Fixing a .ts file with Checksum error

I have got a 8GB .ts video file, unfortunately when I tried to copy it from my hard disk to my 16GB USB thumb drive, I got an error at 60% which seems to be a file checksum error (strangely, I found ...
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Handling non continuous input dvb_subtitles in mpegts stream using FFmpeg

I have an input feed that contains video, multiple audio, and dvb_subtitles streams. I am transcoding the audio and video and copying the dvb_subtitles where subtitles are not coming continuously(for ...
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mpeg-2 422P@H-14 by ffmpeg

I want to convert videos to mpeg2 422P Profile H-14 Layer, (422P@H-14), with the use of ffmpeg. What arguments would i need to use? I followed the comments in this forum post to solve my problem. I ...
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MOV file contains data from "Apple Elementary video MPEG-2 Media Handler" codec. How do I access it in current MacOS?

I am helping a director access an archive file of a documentary. The file is presented as a 3GB MOV. FFmpeg indicates the following: Metadata: major_brand : qt minor_version : ...
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How to detect "late" audio streams in MPEG-2 TS (with ffmpeg, ffprobe or mediainfo)?

I am recording from my Linux TV-Sat receiver in MPEG-2 transport stream (mpeg2video) format. The recording starts before the actual movie, so it usually only has a single (local) audio stream in the ...
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What SOFTWARE could I use to encode to this spec?

Thanks in advance! It's an mpeg transport stream in a .ts wrapper. Layout would be as follows: Video (MPEG2, 80Mbps, CBR, All I Frame,422@HL) Audio1 (Track1/PID1) 1 pair LPCM(SMPTE 302M)48kHz Audio2 ...
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Joining video files together getting gray/scrambled frames at transition point

I have an MPEG-TS video file of 60 seconds that was split in half (30 sec x 2 files). When I concatenate back (cat unix) the two video parts, during the play of the video right at the moment when ...
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