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2 answers

Combine video and audio TS segments coming from HLS stream

Apple HLS streams MPEG-2 TS files containing video and audio data in packetized elementary stream format. These segments (.ts files) can be joined in order to build final video. Recent version of HLS ...
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3 answers

What is the correct MPEG-2 FourCC?

In my attempts to encode a video to MPEG-2 in an MOV (which seems to be a valid combination, at least according to Wikipedia), using ffmpeg (-vcodec mpeg2video) and other tools, I have become ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Optimizing MPEG2 Encoder in Adobe Media Encoder

We're looking at using MPEG2 as an alternative to ProRes 422 for delivery & archiving. There are many options in there which are beyond my knowledge; I would like to understand them and maybe get ...
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1 answer

Can AviSynth handle MTS files?

I want to process MTS (MPEG Transport Stream) files from an AVCHD camcorder in AviSynth. Displaying with AviSource() says that the file couldn't be opened, displaying with DirectShowSource() says that ...
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Errors in FFmpegSource2 plugin source filter for AviSynth

I was unable to read MTS or MP4 files in AviSynth. Can AviSynth handle MTS files? pointed to the FFmpegSource2 filter, with information on the wiki. I downloaded the plugin and pointed to it from the ...
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