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A digital multimedia container format most commonly used to store video and audio, but which can also be used to store other data such as subtitles and still images.

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Possible to use sRGB as mp4 colorspace?

I have an mp4 using h264 that i'm using in the background of a website. It has to blend in with the background image. I've already created ogv and webm videos for firefox and chrome and these work ...
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How to force ffmpeg to insert keyframe at first frame when downsampling a framerate of a video with x264 vcodec

I have a mpeg4 video at 25fps. This video contains just one static frame. I'm trying to downsample the frame rate to 1fps and convert the video to x246 (mp4). I ran the following ffmpeg command: ...
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How to create a x264 (mp4) video with the smallest size using ffmpeg that has just 1 image through entire video?

I'm creating narrated mp4 (x264+aac) videos for books. Each video has just the book's cover as the background. I wonder what would be the most effective way to create such videos with ffmpeg? I've ...
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Can I manually change an .mp4 to .m4v by changing the extension in the Finder (mac) or explorer (win)?

I need to change an .mp4 (h264, AAC-Audio) to an exactly same .m4v. Can I just rename it from "X.mp4" to "X.m4v"? By renaming, I mean clicking on it in Finder (Mac) or Explorer (Win) and renaming it.
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I changed the .mp4 extension of my video to .mpg and it still opens and plays fine (in VLC and in Windows Media Player). Why is this so?

I'm uploading a file to an external system that accepts only mpg or mpeg extension files. I had a mp4 file so I changed the mp4 extension to mpg and I was able to upload the file into the system. ...
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2 h264/mp4 files does not merging in right way by mp4box

I have a problem when merging two h264/mp4 files with the same parameters except length. I'm using the command mp4box -cat .... After that the video player's behaviour is strange: if I drag the ...
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What is the difference between mkv and mp4 files?

I don't know if this is the correct exchange site to ask this question. I would like to know what is the difference between mkv and mp4 files?
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Gradient banding

I have a video with a gradient background, with silhouette vector animations on top. The gradient therefore stays exactly the same throughout the video. However, rendering the video as mp4, I'm ...
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Utility or method for joining MP4 files

I have two MP4 files that I generated with Camtasia Studio. I need to join them together post rendering with Camtasia (it can't be done during the Camtasia rendering process). Looking for a utility or ...
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