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How can I choose the correct shutter speed to avoid banding when taking video of projected video?

I need to record video projected onto a wall or screen by an Optoma EP726 digital projector. I need to record it on a Canon EOS 77D at 23.976fps. I first tested videos of various frame rates, all ...
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Which camera to use to film without moire effect

I am trying to make a video of a simple cushion which is on a rotating disk. But I am getting so much moire that the video is unusable. At this moment I am using a Canon 5d Mark2 with a zoom lens 24-...
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"Swimming" texture artefact on a drone video footage

I came accross footage, which has been shot using a drone. There appears a "swimming" texture effect on a roof of the building. I downloaded an example to youtube to the following link. ...
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How to avoid Moiré effect when shooting with DLSR

How can I avoid the Moiré effect when shooting with a DSLR camera?
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Blackmagic (BMPC 4K) colour moire removal

Does anyone know a way to: Prevent colour moire at time of capture Remove colour moire in post (FCPX or Resolve) BMPC 4K / ProRes422HQ / ISO 400 / 6500K / Film / 30fps
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