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Video flickering when recording a screen with a mobile phone

When recording a computer screen straight with a mobile phone, there are sometimes colored spots to see in the recorded material. I know that when recording CRT displays, the flickering was caused by ...
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Equipment for making closeup object videos

Equipment for making closeup object videos. I want to do a video like this: Would my Galaxy s22 Ultra take such a close-up video? Also what Bluetooth microphone would ...
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Do mobile phones really record in these odd framerates?

I received several video files for editing that were recorded on a mobile phone. (Samsung S21, if it matters.) When I brought the files into VEGAS (still using version 15.0 Platinum), it reports some ...
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Optimal render settings for embedding iOS video in an app

I've created some videos for an iOS app and am rendering them through Adobe Media Encoder 2017. These videos are then being played in app through iOS AVPlayer. What render settings are best for ...
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Can I miror Nikon D5000 live view to an android device wirelessly/wired?

I am using my Nikon D5000 to record some videos. The problem is that at some points the camera will be mounted on a crane and while I would be able to operate it's orientation, I won't see the image. ...
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Smartphone recording distortion

I have a Lumia 950 XL that can record 4k at 30 FPS and 1080p at 60 FPS. Everythings working great, but I'm having the same issues that I've had with my old Samsung smartphone when recording video: ...
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How to get the mobile screen effect in videos?

I am new to video editing and publishing and have recently started creating some content for my company. I am using Camtasia for the same which I have self learnt so high chances I may not know a lot ...
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Record for an hour using mobile phone

I want to record someone speaking for about an hour without any gaps. To do this i'm using a Samsung Galaxy s8. The default video application splits the video into 4gb files when recording longer ...
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