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How can I automate creating a sequence from a set of clips?

I have a large amount of DV footage, which I want to convert into a video per day. I've tried doing this by scripting ffmpeg: ffmpeg -safe 0 -f concat -i day1-files.txt -fflags +igndts -ac 2 -ar 32000 ...
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What's wrong with this MP4 file? Is the pixel aspect ratio wrong?

Similar to this post, I've sent some video tapes off to be digitized. In this case, they are mini-DV tapes which should be 720x480 resolution (more or less). The resulting MP4 files do claim to be ...
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what is the best digital output format for miniDV tapes

I have many tapes that I want to encode with some current, compact codec. this is the output from ffprobe: [dv @ 0x5642a174c5a0] Estimating duration from bitrate, this may be inaccurate Input #0, dv, ...
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Importing miniDV using passthrough on Elura 85 not working

First, I have an old VHS unit that I confirmed working by outputting tape to our current TV. I then connected the VHS unit to the Canon Elura 85 using the provided cables. I switch it to playback, AV>...
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How do I import minidv video to windows?

I've connected my camcorder to the pc via firewall,driver was also installed but when I plug in and out nothing happen. (Except the sound). Do i need any software?
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Is a torn DV tape recoverable in any way?

I am digitizing several DV tapes via a Sony handycam, a firewire cable, and a MacBook. Unfortunately, the tape of one of the DV tapes is torn: it only attaches to one of the spools, the other end is ...
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