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Transducer for converting sound pressure waves into an electrical signal

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Add external mic using Sony "A/V R" plug

I have a Sony HDR-CX100 video camera that I would like to connect an external mic to (3.5mm plug), but the camera has no dedicated mic input. However, it as an "A/V R" plug: Before you say &...
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What should I consider when selecting a frequency band for wireless microphones?

I'm in the market for a wireless lavalier. I was burned in the past by selecting a cheap VHF frequency mic. I learned later that was a bonehead move because VHF is used for everything from TVs to ...
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Are there any omni directional stereo mics for camcorders

I am looking for a good microphone to film trains as they go by. I have been looking, at the Opteka VM-200. But I am concerned that the shotgun directional characteristic will not work well, since I ...
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Streaming 2 local and some remote players audio issue

I am trying to set up for streaming. Here is what i want to accomplish. I will be the only one streaming video and streaming from the same computer i am playing on. I have a mixer attached to my ...
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Windows 11 video capture program not recording audio with video

I'm wondering if the stock video capture program is used solely for video and not audio. Are there other programs that will record video with audio (for Youtube)? Am I missing something here (settings ...
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How can I reduce the wind noise as much as possible when recording a video with a GoPro?

I use a GoPro 10 to record videos. The GoPro is placed on a car. There's some pretty audible wind noise, esp. when the speed is over 50 or 100 kph. How can I reduce the wind noise as much as possible ...
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Which microphone should I buy for filmmaking: RODE Videomicro, MOVO VXR 10 or ZOOM H1n?

I am thinking about an external mic or audio recorder. I watched tons of Youtube reviews but still have no clue which to buy. I was primarily thinking about the MOVO VXR 10 but some say that preamps ...
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