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Transducer for converting sound pressure waves into an electrical signal

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Microphone suggestions or software to avoid background noise in audio

I am afraid this is a bit off topic but I really need to find a microphone recommendation to record home videos without background noise. If this site is not the place and there is a site for ...
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How to get external mic working through DSLR camera on Zoom on Mac?

I have tried taking the advice and plugging my mic into my camera, but it is now not working, for the question Noticeable video delay when connecting to laptop and DSLR + external mic. Now I am not ...
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Microphone for indoor interview

I'm using a Rode ntg2 and I feel like the sound is less than ideal in a lot of situations. I record mostly indoor interviews (sometimes echoey enviroments) and I am looking for a good mic for that ...
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Capturing room audio (audience questions/comments)

I currently use a video camera and a Sennheiser G3 system for recording conference-type events. The G3 is attached to the speaker, and it works great. However, there are two situations where it doesn'...
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