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.ts included stream links gets stop after some time in exoplayer

0 I have a link that streams. When I use the link for an IPTV player like Televizo, this plays for an unlimited of time, but when I use this link to my app Exoplayer or my computer's VLC player, this ...
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variable timestamps for audio samples in MP4

Consider the following ffprobe output for a MP4 file. This is an extraction of first 10 frames in the audio stream and its metadata. The audio stream has a sampling rate of 48000, and is encoded with ...
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Convert 540p to 1080px720p without using AI?

Is it possible to Convert 540p to 1080px720p without using AI? I'm editing different movies into my productions but the video resolution is not uniform. I use StreamFab to download the videos at ...
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How to optimize Media Composer performance on a MacBook Pro (2021)?

My wife is trying to use Media Composer 2022.10.0 on her rather new MacBook Pro (2021) and compared to her iMac (2019) it seems not to work as smoothly as she expected. Sadly I never worked with MC ...
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Software to manage digital assets

Over the years I have accumulated enough digital assets (mainly videos and photos) for it to become a massive problem in terms of organizing it all and then being able to find it. I am wondering what ...
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Davinci Resolve - Store Clips Edited in Cut Window in a Media Folder

I am working on a video project in DaVinci Resolve. It a short video documenting a piece of installation art. One of the media files is a handheld camera that takes close up shots of different parts ...
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Importing multiple images into premiere, getting the same one multiple times

I'm trying to import multiple images into premiere which I've prepared and exported in illustrator before. All I'm getting is the same images all over again. Even if I browse the folder through ...
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Reimporting from Camera for footage already in Timeline in FCPX

I have created a video using FCPX using media from my GoPro and my Cannon camera, when trying to export the video I receive an error "Project has missing or offline titles, effects or generators". I ...
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Is there a buffer caching application that preloads streaming video?

I'm trying to find out if there's already a application in existence or a way to preload (cache/ buffer) couple minutes ahead of live streaming media e.g. live stream onine TV, rtmp protocol etc.. in ...
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Royalty Free Videos?

I have seen free images and music, but is there any site out there that gives out free non-copyrighted movie clips that can be used? I want to be able to search and look for movie or video clips ...
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