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An open-source media container format.

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Possible to force FFmpeg to omit silence in audio files and produce discontinuous `webm`/`mka`?

Does webm/mka/mkv/mp4 support discontinuous audio streams? I'm wondering, can ffmpeg transcode .wav-audio into opus-encapsulated-into-webm, but filter out silent frames - especially full seconds of ...
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How can I remove ENCODE İNFORMATİON from mediainfo for H265 HEVC .mkv?

I want to know how I can remove encode settings from the mediainfo with mkvpropedit or ffmpeg? İn this post: Removing MP4 encoding information I found this command: ffmpeg -i INPUT -c copy -bitexact -...
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.srt subtitles added to mkv with ffmpeg are not displayed

I try to add .srt subtitles to the mkv file and it doesn't work. I use the following very simple command: $ ffmpeg -y -i original.mkv -i -map 0 -map 1 -c copy ~/temp.mkv ffmpeg ...
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How to disable putting black frames between concatenated media with ffmpeg?

I am using the concat demuxer in ffmpeg. I use the following command: ffmpeg -f concat -i concat.txt -c copy out.mkv and it works, except that it adds short gaps of black frames in between the ...
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Matroska format's framerate is not accurate with certain values

If the Matroska format is used, in certain framerates it doesn't record at exact input framerate, but rather at a little higher than the input framerate. As an example: ffmpeg -video_size 1920x1080 -...
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3 answers

Is there a video container which is able to handle segments of different video quality (or even size)?

Let's assume I have a video of 10 minutes length. And I want to reduce its size by having some parts in high bitrate, while other less important parts can be low bitrate. For this I'd cut the original ...
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ffmpeg not only writes mkv index at the end, but overwrites multiple places in file

According to Matroska options , the muxer writes the index at the end of file by default. However, if I save incomplete mkv file while encoding and compare it with the final clip, I can see more than ...
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Chaining Matroska files

Often there is a case where one has a series of the already muxed Matroska files, and they have a logical order. It may be desirable to chain them all together, giving a hint to the video player, that ...
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What is the technique behind mkv. video format?

Can someone please explain in detail the technique of encoding and decoding used in mkv video format and what is the major difference between mkv. and other video formats. It will be good if someone ...
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2 answers

Hardsubbing ASS onto MPEG4

I have an ASS as the subtitle stream (with these fonts: - Orotund, jagb_.tff, jagw_.ttf, JUST.ttf, Gabrielle.ttf) in an MKV. What technique should I use to hardsub this subtitle stream onto the MPEG4 ...
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synchronizing video and audio in a remuxed MKV

I am quite new in the area of audio/video manipulation so apologies if the question is obvious. I did not manage to find an answer online, though. I have a MKV file with several tracks: video (MPEG4),...
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